Diwali crackers

Behind the burning of crackers

That makes the animals to chatters


Behind the sky of stromy ☁️ clouds

Can’t you hear the animal who shouts


Behind the lightning of the 🕯️ candles

Can’t you notice the little sandals


Behind the creepy crackers

Can’t you notice the shouting of the girl who always chatters


On the occasion of festival of lights

Let’s take a oath and celebrate this Diwali with pride



By – Garima

🤔please give a title

Tring Tring Tring 😙

Who was there

It’s my bear bear with some beer

I want to sleep now

But, someone was grazing me like cow

Please everyone let me 😣sleep

There’s a sparrow peep peep peep

Blowing bubbles in the water

Like the crow always chatters

This the night, I am sleepy😪

But someone come and make me awakey😫

This is the prayer to the god

Please handle I am bored

Let me sleep 😴oh! My lord

Blue in blood..🇮🇳

We are here

don’t forget that

we also know how to win

don’t forget this

we know we all are strong

everyone here to win the cup

but don’t forget that

The Men’s in blue are here

They are also ready to fight

For the biggest cup

the “Word cup 2019″🏏🥇

Hi guys support your country and don’t forgot to watch the biggest tournament of the world be ready for the ” The world cup 2019″

Red rain 😘

Hide somewhere👩‍💻

this is rain🐳of love😍💒

Hide🎭your soul get truss ⛓️your self

if you despise this, beautiful♥️ red

Colour 🎨of this personable♥️ love

and those like this the sensational

Love, get smash🏸 out the bloody 🔴


Get your self liberate 🏹and get,

coloured Your self in the sweetfulness

Innocent of this colour 🔴and

Always be wety 🤧in the rain of love

Because this was the only😑 rain

Which is without hails🤔