Sometimes I noticed that – – –

Someone was behind😅 me

So I turned😑 back every time

But there 😣was hardly anyone

Who can call me🤐…

Sometimes I feared of it …

Sometimes I want to 🙄know about

That 👥unknown thing

Which call🗣️ me but I can’t see it…

Sometimes I 😠want to ☠️kill 😤him

But sometimes😕 I was very 😲scared

Of it and thought if he will 😵kill me…

Sometimes I want to

Forgot🤑 that all thing, but sometimes

I have very keen 😬interest to

Know the history of it

Sometimes😩 I think

It was😨 only and 😰only a Deep😧

Imagination of my mind 🤔🤔


Quit the game …

When all the clouds

are crying,😭 all the beauty of nature

crying… The ⛅ sun was getting

icey and the moon was getting hot 🌒.

When you noticed the diffusion

of black colour in the world(surrounding)…

When you imagine to finish your self,

When Your four chambered heart 💓

get broken down into the

billions pieces of mirror and

your shadow teach you to

Finish your self




Then you have to be strong

and Powerful to guide your self

to tell yourself and to your shadow

that you came to do something big in

this world full of stress and tention…

B’day 🤣😉

B’DAY is a very special day for everyone and it be more more special when you’re friends with you . It was another thing that you’re in the age of “teens”and we are enjoying our “teen” time . Will you ever experienced when on your birthday you walked on roads and doing things like my friend and me we’re walked on a footpath and we totally out of this world, that people’s are looking at us we are driving are car and driving a bike like a small kids and dancing and singing on the roadside. A birthday is only a day when you do everything without any disterbunce a only and only day for you.

My first day in the kitchen.

It was a very hadicfull day for me . My mother was working wife and it was almost 9 o’clock and , I holding my stomach with a lot of hunger. The cell phone rangs it was my mother’s call I pic the phone and she said that I am getting late so u manage the all kitchen work I never gone to kitchen before and suddenly have to make chappaties for the three members of the family . It was not so easy for me to cook the food for the family but

Hope makes everything possible …

I take long breadth and try to make chappaties it was not round in shape and they are not so good in taste. It was the first day in my kitchen , but now whenever I make the dinner at home my parents not stop and gave me many compliments for the food which I cooked for to my sweet family….

The words to a successful life…

The faith makes everything possible…

It means that ,if you’ve the capable to do the work and you have the talent to do that work so you can be do anything and you have that type confidance that can do this work so never ignore this makes everything possible.

Hope makes everything work…

Only the faith is not important, if you have a hope to move the work then can do that work better .

Love makes everything beautiful…

If you have like that work then it never create a burden on you and all the work done beautifully and tension free. If you enjoy that work and that work done by pure heart then it should be the beautiful as the Nature have …….

In the lap of the Nature

Nature one of those things which gives us a peaceful mind in this stressful surroundings . It was only the thing which I was draw and observe the beauty of the Nature in my life. When we talk to an ordinary man they said ,I have have no time for these things and whenever I am traveling some where I observed the Nature and after coming back form the trip I try to draw it in my drawings. Some drawings which I made by observing the Nature.